Indulge in Ayurvedic Massage

Complete your retreat with indulgent Ayurvedic treatments and massages with Maya. When your register for your retreat, all of the following options will be available to purchase as optional add ons.

Warm Herbal Oil Full Body Massage, Abyhanga  (80 min) $120

This flowing warm herbal oil treatment stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. It also strengthens the immune system, nourishes muscles and joints, decongests, detoxifies, and soothes the nervous system. In addition, specific oils will meet your individual needs. Special emphasis is given to key marma points and nadis (vital energy points and channels which transmit electro-magnetic energy through all organ systems and subtle bodies). Full body massage includes foot and head/neck massage.

Herbs & oils for steam treatmentSteam Therapy, Swedana (20 min) $40 (add-on only)

Follow your warm herbal oil massage with an herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling clear, rejuvenated and deeply moisturized. Medicinal herbs like Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Peppermint, Bay Leaf, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary clear the channels, relax your muscles, and nurture the senses.

Profound Relaxation Therapy, Shirodhara (60 min) $100 

This simple, yet profound treatment balances and stabilizes the activity of the mind. First, the participant will receive a foot and head/neck massage prior to the therapy. Then, warm oil streams over the forehead and third eye in slow, rhythmical patterns for 25-30 minutes. Finally, the participant will enjoy quiet time to rest at the end of the session. Shirodara takes the participant on a journey deep within while deeply nourishing the entire nervous system. Over time, it helps to balance  sleep cycles and reduce insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Traditional Head and Neck Massage (Shiro-abhyanga) Traditional Head and Neck Massage, Shiro-abhyanga (40 min) $60

This head and neck therapy begins with the pouring of warm oil over the forehead and scalp. Then the participant will enjoy a stimulating massage of the entire head, scalp, neck and shoulders. Finally, this deeply nourishing treatment finishes with a marma point facial with a soft and gentle touch. Deeply relaxing and balancing to the nervous system.

Stimulating Foot Massage and Kansa Wand Therapy, Pad-abhyangha and Kansa Vataki (60 min) $100

This warm oil massage will rejuvenate your tired heavy feet, beginning with a soothing footbath of salts, herbs, and oils. Then, feet receive a stimulating massage focusing on specific marma points and herbal oils. This increases the circulation, which leaves feet feeling alive and tingling.  Finally, after the soles of the feet are nourished in warm ghee, the long, circular stokes of the bronze Kansa wand draw out any heat and toxins. This therapy deeply relaxes, cools, and balances the entire body.

Soothing Hand Massage, Hasta-abhyanga (40 min) $60

Warm oils lubricate the small joints, tendons, bones, and muscle tissue of the hands, wrists, and forearms. Enjoy the deep release of tension throughout the body and mind. Afterwards, hands are wrapped with warm, moist towels to drive the nourishing oils deep into the tissues. Deeply relaxing.