Lauren Duker

Since she was two years old, Lauren Duker has been happy wherever she goes. Blessed to have a job she loves, she’s taught yoga since 2007 and led yoga teacher trainings since 2012. Lauren teaches yoga for every body, emphasizing the functionality and safety of each pose over rigid ideas of right form. Training dozens of teachers over the years, she loves empowering new yoga teachers to delve deep into personal practice and to teach others with honor and care. In 2011, Lauren was certified in the art of Thai Yoga Bodywork: a therapeutic practice that compassionately opens the body…


Ekatma Saraswati

Ekatma Saraswati, RYT, AAVAS 200, has always been drawn to all things ancient and mysterious. He discovered hot yoga in 2006 and continued learning about yoga philosophy through www.shreemaa.org. He found nothing older and more mysterious than the soul. He continues this love affair of curiosity and wonder through the practices of yoga and permaculture. Today he teaches jyotiṣa, meditation workshops, and classes focusing on the roots of traditional yoga and postural alignment. His teachings are designed to relieve the tensions of modern-day office life while using isometrics to strengthen and balance the body back into optimal physical and emotional…


Maya Ravani

Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC #33585) Ayurvedic Body Therapist, Ayurvedic Health Educator Maya utilizes her years of specialized training and intensive work experience with Ayurvedic massage, body therapies, energy work, and deep, therapeutic massage techniques to set specific protocols for each new bodywork session that are highly attuned both to the clients’ needs at the time of the session and to their long-term wellness goals. She holds a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive space within which her clients receive deep nourishment and realignment on all planes of existence – body, mind and spirit. Maya is known for her sensitivity, patient nature,…