Maya Ravani

Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC #33585)

Ayurvedic Body Therapist, Ayurvedic Health Educator

Maya utilizes her years of specialized training and intensive work experience with Ayurvedic massage, body therapies, energy work, and deep, therapeutic massage techniques to set specific protocols for each new bodywork session that are highly attuned both to the clients’ needs at the time of the session and to their long-term wellness goals. She holds a deeply nurturing, loving and supportive space within which her clients receive deep nourishment and realignment on all planes of existence – body, mind and spirit. Maya is known for her sensitivity, patient nature, and professionalism.

Maya first discovered her passion for spiritual philosophy and holistic healthcare practices in 2001, during a three-month pilgrimage to India and Nepal, and has since been committed to applying these principles and practices to her own personal transformation and to establishing a daily lifestyle that is in alignment with her true nature. Through her work and training in massage and Ayurveda, Maya has discovered her purpose and passion, which is to honor and revive the sacred wisdom of ancient indigenous systems of healing and to carry and integrate these systems into the new paradigm of consciousness, pioneering the next generation of healthcare – preventative and pro-active self-care – and promoting sustainable and peaceful living on this planet.

Since September 2016, Maya has been working as an Ayurvedic Bodyworker and Certified Massage Therapist at Marin Ayurveda in San Rafael, CA. Prior to her move to Marin County, she was the lead Pancha Karma Technician and Certified Massage Therapist at New Leaf Ayurveda in Sacramento, CA. She has also worked as an Ayurvedic Bodyworker at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram Well-Being Center in Grass Valley, CA. Devoted to guiding and supporting others on their holistic healing journey, Maya is currently studying with New World Ayurveda to become and Ayurvedic Practitioner (Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle coaching), a certification she expects to achieve by July 2017.